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Tech Support February 7, 2017

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At AwardPro we provide ourselves in providing good tech support which is often offered at no charge. There has come a time where we have to charge for tech support after the initial 2 month period. Our tech support charges are listed on our  website in the Order Info section (the orange button on the home page).

To obtain tech support we prefer an email in the first instance so we can acess the situation. Take a screen shot of the issue and tell us in the email what you were doing at the time, the steps you had just taken, so we get a bit of a picture of what’s going on. A phone call often slows the process down so send the email with the info. We can often reply email with a quick instruction of what to do saving us both time and money.

Whilst Windows 10 was not around when we developed the program AwardPro does seem to operate properly on it. We use it here and it works fine. Most users now used the program with Windows 10 operating system. However as the program was not design for Windows 10 we can’t guarantee it. Sometimes out of date file issues occur and in most cases we can fix this (or your IT company can). We do charge for Tech support to update support files if this does occur.

Our Tech Support charges are reasonable for the industry standards and we thank you for your understanding that the software meake your life easier and servicing the program does have a physical cost.

Thanks very much for your conitnued support of AwardPro Software.


Time to tidy up the Honour Boards using AwardPro. September 9, 2016

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In keeping with rising costs it was time to increase some prices. At the same time I thought I would have a look at our honour boards and tidy things up. I noticed that over the years there has been an array of mark ups set for different boards. Honour board pricing in AwardPro is based on mark-up plus different process costs such as. HB Art Layout, Vinyl Cutting, HB Vinyl Application 1800 x 1200 etc.

So firstly I opened the Mark Up Centre screen and changed the mark-up of all Honour Boards to 1 single mark-up. Pressing apply changed the mark up of every single Honour Board in our system. Next I opened the process list and made price charge changes to Art process charges to honour boards so that the labour cost of graphic art keeps up with the current rate.hb-price-adjust-mu-2016-09-09_10-31-00

The vinyl work was next on the agenda. Even though my delightful Sign-writer Kiara, who won Apprentice of the Year, is really efficient in vinyl work, it was time to tweak up the charges for vinyl work. In AwardPro, we have standard charges for Honour Board Vinyl application which relate to the different sizes… 900×600, 1200×900, etc. This gives us a consistent charge, so we don’t fuss over how many columns etc. Life’s too short and golf courses await! We do however use the AwardPro value add system so when you add an honour board to a job, the value add screen pops up and allows us to add things such as Add Logo or Add individual names. And those processes got a price tweak too.hb-price-adjust-processes2016-09-09_10-35-01

All up, to adjust the price for about 100 Honour Board products it took about 15 minutes and we are now very uniform in pricing. Any of my sales team can price accurately and we are making a bit more money in this product range. Now it’s time to tweak another product range!

This small article demonstrates just a few of the values in running your business with AwardPro.

  1. It provides a quick and easy platform to increase prices and create consistency in price structure.
  2. It makes it easy to keep you profits boosted
  3. It makes selling product easy for staff. All staff are drawing down the same data so quotes are the same no matter who does them
  4. It provides prompts at sales point to value add process or components.

Exchange Rates March 10, 2015

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Don’t forget that AwardPro has an exchange rate system for purchases from overseas. If you do use overseas suppliers and have an exchange rate set up then it is time to consider changing the rate. With the dollar at 78c it is time to consider change down to reflect the real rate. This of course will mean that retail prices will increase to reflect the new dollar value makin sure you are not the looser in the falling dollar.

Component price updating March 10, 2015

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When suppliers provide a new component list. You can import the files into AwardPro through the import wizard. This action will update current prices and change the retail price of products with changed component prices.

But what about those suppliers that have not given a price list. Our sheet glass supplier has about 80 components in our system all of which were manually built as we needed the component. So there is no import file. It’s easy to bulk update you simply export the suppliers component list and make the changes to price in the spread sheet then re-import. In the case of our glass supplier the price went up by 7% so we simply increased the prices by 7% then re-imported the list.

Interleisure Engraving Plate Sizes June 20, 2014

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The new Interleisure product import files has now got the Interleisure plates built into the breakdown. This is fantastic news for your engravers. The job sheet will now tell you what plate size to use and engrave. Hooray!!!!. This is because Interleisure add the plate into the breakdowns. It does not actually say the size is 64mm x 199mm for example but the plate code is RG1964 – so you can tell the plate size should be 19mm x 64mm.

Sarah will have Interleisure files ready to send to you on Tuesday 24th June. Now wait a minute: You need to do some house work regarding this.

  1. When you import the product lists you should UN-CHECK the Preserve Original Components. This will remove the generic plate costing and install the new set of components that has the plate component in it at the current plate component price.
  2. If you use the IL plates all is good the system will generate orders for them in the future. You might like to call up each component and set the re-order quantity so that they get ordered in bulk. If you do not use the IL plates then what you should do is open each component and tick the non ordering box so that they do not order but your engraver gets the plate size on the job sheet.

We continue to ask the suppliers to supply us plate sizes. But just one voice has little effect. At least Interleisure has done us all a great service. Thanks very much Interleisure!


Stock Ordering in the Crazy Season October 31, 2013

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Stock ordering during the crazy season can take a lot of time out of your day. AwardPro wipes that time out instantly. The program comes fully set up with all current industry products ready to sell and stock order. Simply write a sales order and all the stock is sitting in pending supplier orders waiting for you to email to the suppliers. You can of course adjust stock orders before sending. AwardPro is flexible every step of the way.

Stock Order has many features tailored for your industry such as stock swapping when the suppliers calls to say they don’t have the part. You instantly know who the part is for, when they job is due to be finished and if you had some of the requirement in stock.  The back order button is also very handy. A click of a button and the part is placed on a separated back order with a new receive date.

AwardPro is designed to make your life easier and your business day more efficient. That’s why we built it.

Find Feature May 20, 2012

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At the bottom of the AwardPro screen is the ‘Quick Link Bar’. On that bar you’ll see a ‘FIND’ button. This allows you to find any type of transaction. You can search by organisation name, contact person, job reference, job number, or transaction amount (paid, balance owing, or job total). You can even just type part of a word such as Bank (bankstown). This makes finding jobs easy and helps when those ambiguois customers ring up to check on an order. It’s great when customers want to discuss or re-order last years awards or any previous order. Just type in the customer and bingo, all of their previous and current transactions are displayed. Double click on any to open the file. If they want to re-order simply click Duplicate and presto it’s written up in a flash.

In Listings such as component lists, products Lists and card contact lists you can filter by any word or number to group say: all the cricket components. This saves heaps of time looking up components and makes your day easier.

Awardpro seamlessly strings together all the information of a Trophy Business so you can easily access it and get on with the job of managing your business. See it in action at TroPro 2012

How does my accounting package fit in with AwardPro? May 14, 2012

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Question: We are currently using the MYOB 19.5 for our recording, ordering and invoicing, in this we utilise all accounting functions including to provide information for tax and BAS reporting as well as banking and personell and payroll functions. Are these functions available on AwardPro, if not what is the procedure to transfer details back into MYOB to utilise that systems functions?

We also use MYOB 19.5 for our accounting. The main differences between using just MYOB and using AwardPro and MYOB are:
• Your Stock ordering is done from AwardPro. Required items are captured at the time of customer order and collected into a supplier’s order. The orders are then handled and send to the supplier from AwardPro via the Stock Control module.
Invoicing and debtors control, including Statements, is done in AwardPro.
MYOB will still be used for:
• Tax & BAS
• Personnel & Payroll
• Creditors invoices
• Bank reconciliation
• Sales and payments are also entered (see below)
So here are our processes:
• All invoicing is done from AwardPro to the customer.
• There is an invoiced Jobs report as part of the Accounting module in AwardPro – this list the details of all invoiced jobs. We take the information from this report and enter it into MYOB – just the customer name, invoice number and invoice amount. We don’t add in addresses, etc into MYOB as all this is already available in AwardPro. (The AwardPro custome card system becomes your marketing database as well)
• Payments made against orders or invoices are recorded into AwardPro at the time that they happen. In the Accounting module in AwardPro there is a Payment Report and this shows all payments that have been entered, displayed in columns according to their payment method. Subsequently, the payments are entered into MYOB – so cash slips, credit card payments, direct deposits are entered MYOB as you would be doing already. To ensure both systems are in sync you go to AwardPro and tick relevant entries as having been banked and check that the total banked for each method is the same as MYOB.
• Customer Statements are sent out from AwardPro. These can be printed or emailed.
• An aged debtors report is also available in AwardPro.
• Invoices from suppliers can be checked against the purchase orders generated in AwardPro. These invoices are entered directly into MYOB as you would be doing now.

AwardPro Automates your daily management system and provides the data required to keep your accounting package on track.

New Years Revolution January 20, 2012

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It’s been a hectic start to 2012 with new punters getting started with AwardPro and training days revealing the depth of features and possibilities. Now is a great time for anyone mildly interested in AwardPro to have a look at it. We can set up an online demo or possibly come to you for a 1 hour demo to show you how the program is set up and how it will enhance your business day. It will save you time and it will save you money.

The program comes already set up with products and price lists and setting it to your businesses price system only takes about 30 minutes max. Then you’re off an running with a system that will save you time and money guaranteed. Give me a call on 02 9772 1999 or shoot me an email at sales@awardpro.biz to arrange a demo. No doubt this is the ideal time to get going with a professional business software solution that will transform your business. Happy New Year

Xmas Wrap Up. December 19, 2011

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Just half a page of orders left on the job schedule. The sales forecast tells me that we have just $22,000 of sales left to invoice for the year. With most of them showing almost complete on the Job schedule the team are ready to wind it all up. January Jobs are all written up and stock is automatically ordered ahead of time, the engravers has her list of engraving to kick off with and the profit and loss report (unlike MYOB) automatically allocates the stock cost to January.

What a great year it’s been for AwardPro.  A fine group has evolved whom have become AwardPro user group with most punters loving the automation of what used to be a manual laborious management process.

Is AwardPro really that good? Does it really make it easier? Just ask the user group. With dynamic tailored programing focused on the industry and attention to the need for easy product import and ease of use AwardPro will change the way you do business forever and make it easier to not only get through your daily tasks but to manage your business in an efficient effective way.

Merry Xmas and I hope you have an easy new year.